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Sift is an app idea a fellow designer friend of mine had. Basically, it creates a Twitter feed with only links that your followers post and filters out the rest.


I took it upon myself to design an extremely simple and easy-to-use experience and interface for my friend’s idea. He wants to design his own version of course, and I plan on implementing it for iPhone initially whenever he hands that over to me.

The Challenge

This app idea forced me to really think about simplifying. What did the user absolutely need to see? What would be the user’s expectations? If the links aren’t shortened, do they need to be? Do I need to display the source of the link so a user would know where they were being directed to?

All of these questions I had to figure out for myself since this was my rendition of someone else’s idea.

Sketching It Out

I came up with a few different layouts but after getting some quick feedback from my friend and random other people, I decided to go with more of a familiar look and feel – showing the avatar of the person who posted the link, the source website of the link, and the intact link with no shortening all in a standard timeline table view.



The flow was extremely basic so I didn’t feel a need to spend much time on interactive prototyping. I felt pretty confident this design was on point.


Visual Design

Sift is a pretty minimal idea and app so I thought I should carry that idea into my color choices as well.

Color Palette


Below are the final screens for Sift.

User Interface


As I stated earlier, this was more of a concept for someone else’s idea so there are no real plans to develop this version. When I receive the designs from my friend I do plan on implementing it for iPhone. I think it’ll be a great little app. If you think you would be interested in using an app like this, shoot me an email and tell me how you would use it.