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WKND is a simple app that gives quirky suggestions for weekend activities. The idea came from me being in a new city, wanting to get into iPhone development and also share my experience to help others ease into it.


I did all of the design and development for this project using Sketch and Xcode.

The Challenge

I moved to a new city a few years ago and was working quite a bit. I didn’t get a chance to go out much and I thought that I could benefit from some kind of app that would recommend interesting yet quirky things for me to do on the weekend. Around this same time I was really interested in trying my hand at iPhone development. I figured it would be a great time to combine the two and scratch my own itch. This is how WKND was born.

Sketching It Out

I knew this app should have an extremely simple interface because it only had two jobs to do – pull from a list of suggestions to display on the screen and share what you decided to do on Facebook and Twitter. I made a quick sketch, showed it to a couple of people, called it a day and jumped into the design.


Visual Design

There’s nothing too special here. Since the app’s interface was going to be extremely simple, I knew that a 2-3 color palette would work and I needed a scheme that I knew would be easy to read whether you were in bed with all the lights off or during the mid-day sun (you never know where you’re going to be when you realize you don’t have any plans for the weekend).

Color Palette


Below are the final screens for WKND.

User Interface


I recorded my screen during each process of this project and made a blog post about the whole thing (working on re-uploading better videos) and you can also find the videos below. In the videos, I showed the research and compiling of all the different suggestions that were going to go in the app, designing the interface, and finally setting up and actually programming the whole app in Xcode.

WKND was such a fun experience and I really want to do another comprehensive project like this soon or maybe even build onto this app with more features.

You can no longer download WKND on the app store. I'm doing a complete rewrite and design with new features coming soon.

WKND – Idea Video →
WKND – Design Video →
WKND – Implementation Video →